Diversity Champions

Ethnic Jobsite’s recruitment campaign model has an exclusive focus on the equality network channel. It is designed to support clients to meet their diversity and inclusion needs. There are a few packages to look at when putting your 2021 strategy together.

Ethnic Jobsite

Diversity Champion 2021

  • Commitment to Diversity
  • Corporate Profile Page
  • Corporate Sponsorship Programme
  • Premium Job Credit Bundles
  • Employer of the Week

Best of Diversity

  • Unlimited Job Postings
  • Positive Publicity and Recognition
  • Share Good Practice (BAME agenda)
  • Targeted Press Releases
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Why partner with the
Ethnic Jobsite

At Ethnic Jobsite, we have the pleasure of working with many businesses that are determined to get better at securing great outcomes for their diversity monitoring framework.

Job Listings

All employers profiled at Ethnic Jobsite are Diversity Champions and have committed in adapting vacancy information for their target audience.

Any Questions?

We pride ourselves on offering bespoke solution for every budget!