Diversity Champions Corporate Sponsorship Programme

Ethnic Jobsite helps dynamic, driven organisations build inclusive and sustainable cultures. To become a sponsor we offer several packages, which reflect the amount the particular sponsor wishes to invest, although individual packages are regularly negotiated. As a PATRON sponsor, we are committed to ensuring you are recognised as an Diversity and Inclusion supporter and contributor to the advancement of employment.

Diversity Programme

The ways in which our sponsor will leverage this sponsorship are as follows:

Diversity Champions

  • Prominent display of corporate identification of your logo included in the home page.
  • Targeted PR Campaigns to create new advertising and editorial platforms for the sponsor’s brand.
  • To communicate commitment to the diversity groups and to inspire staff.

Annual Job Listing Subscriptions

  • High Impact Visibility
  • Diversity Network Job Posting
  • LGBT Media Job Posting
  • Disability Network Job Posting
  • Keywords Sponsorship
  • Auto Refreshed after 72 hours
  • Dedicated Account Manager

How you choose to take advantage of the corporate sponsorship programme is completely up to you. In fact, each sponsor uses the program differently. The site welcome exemplar employers to champion the cause and promote best practice within the business community.

Any Questions?

For more information about how you can be a part of this corporate sponsorship programme please email or telephone us!