Interview advice

It's a competitive world and you could be up against any number of applicants. To secure the position you will need to create a favourable impression during the interview. How is this done? Well, there are many factors that come into play, all of which you can control and improve upon, and all of which centre around preparation. Preparation, by the way, is not the night before! It is both general for your job search and specific to an application. Let's examine the ways in which you can improve your capacity to showcase yourself to someone.

At the interview - tips and techniques

Interviews can be stressful for many people, as being judged and assessed tends to provoke the stress response. Unfortunately, when we become anxious, one of the first things to fail is our memory, with our thought processes not as sharp as they would otherwise be.

Trained interviewers are aware you may be a little nervous, and will attempt to settle you with humour and rapport building type questions. Other interviewers may launch into the process without preamble.

Preparation as per the preceding section will engender confidence, which will manifest both verbally and non-verbally. Preparation will also lessen the chances of you fumbling on a question.